Tecno Edil Sistem S.r.l. has chosen to focus not only on production but also on offering a whole series of services aimed at maximum customer satisfaction.
One of the company’s leading services is systemic assistance for any need or problem that may arise during the various work phases. To provide this service, the company employs a highly specialised technical staff ready to intervene promptly where necessary.
In addition to the ASSISTANCE SERVICE, Tecno Edil Sistem offers its customers other services on request and against payment, which concern its machines, such as CLEANING, REVISION and, by contacting the Technical Office, it will be possible to have your used machine assessed for a possible TRADE-IN.
These services are carried out directly by the parent company in Italy, while in the other countries Tecno Edil Sistem avails itself of the collaboration of specialised partners.


Another important service offered by Tecno Edil Sistem (service available only in Italy) is the possibility of RENTING most of our machines from a minimum of 1 day up to the whole time necessary for the customer to carry out his own work. Another new arrival in Tecno Edil Sistem’s range of machines for rent are the blowing machines to comply with new construction techniques.


Tecno Edil Sistem, availing itself of its team of specialised technicians and with the acquisition, over time, of the necessary knowledge in the field of processing, thanks to the collaboration with many manufacturers of material, proposes and succeeds in customising its machines according to the customer’s needs, the type of construction to be carried out on site and the type of material to be used.


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