Tecno Edil Sistem S.r.l.

Tecno Edil Sistem S.r.l. was founded in Salerno in 1991 as a company manufacturing and marketing plastering and screed machines.

It designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of construction machinery. Production takes place at the plant in Fisciano (SALERNO – ITALY) where a team of highly specialised and qualified technicians work under the directives of the technical department.

Its constant presence on the market has allowed it to mature and increase the technical skills that distinguish it today. Over the course of its activity, the company has dealt with several problems typical of the construction sector, always succeeding in supplying high quality products and services for specific customer requirements, adapting its methodologies and development tools over time according to the evolution of technologies.

In addition to its experience in the production of plaster and screed machines, Tecno Edil Sistem S.r.l. has pushed its technical study into the design of new solutions to meet current regulations in the field of efficiency and energy saving.

Since the beginning, Tecno Edil Sistem has chosen to modulate its offer on the basis of both market needs and the evolution of technology, guaranteeing a production that is always in step with the times and adapted to every type of need. Its name is synonymous with experience, innovation and ‘Made in Italy’ quality.

The same philosophy of continuous assistance is applied with the most renowned plaster manufacturers with whom Tecno Edil Sistem has, since the beginning of its activity, established solid relationships.


  • Accurate consultancy on the use of machinery and materials
  • Rental of machines for pre-defined periods of time according to customer requirements (only valid in Italy)
  • Continuous and immediate on-site assistance, which ensures to the customer prompt intervention in case of need (only valid in Italy)
  • Customisation of machinery according to customer needs

The priority objectives of Tecno Edil Sistem are very clear:

  • Guarantee the high quality and efficiency of the machines produced
  • To support customers in a reliable and lasting way
  • To spread and make its products appreciated everywhere
  • Promote sustainable construction

The ability to offer state-of-the-art machinery has enabled the company to expand its market both nationally and internationally. It is now present in most of Europe, Latin America and several countries in Africa. The reliability and quality of our machines are proven by their use in the realisation of the most ambitious projects.