The company

Tecno Edil Sistem S.p.A. was established in Salerno (Italy) in 1990 as a manufacturing and marketing of plastering machines.

The constant presence in the market, made it possible to mature and enhance the technical skills that distinguish today. During of its business, the Company has dealt with many typical problems in the the construction industry, always managing to provide high quality products and services geared towards the specific needs of the customer, adjusting with time its methods and its development tools according to the evolution of technology.

In addition to 25 years of experience in the production of plastering machines, Tecno Edil Sistem S.p.A., has pushed his own technical studio in the design of new solutions to meet the current standards in the field of efficiency and energy conservation.

Thanks to the development of the lightened screeds and of the cellular concrete, which can be used as an intermediate layer between the floor and the final screed, and also for the realization of infill and separating walls through the panels in fibro-cement, we can obtain optimal results under thermal and acoustic insulation.

The new MAC 90 evolution, is the essence of our company. Founded by the restyling of the MAC 90 (the first plaster produced in 1990), can be used for pre-mixed plasters, lightened screeds, leveling floor screeds, and is capable, connected to KIT CEMENTO CELLULARE (aerated concrete kit), to produce up to 13 m3/h aerated concrete, with a prevalence that is over 70 meters. Being produced on site, and the quality of materials used, you get a low environmental impact and zero kilometer.

These aspects make the MAC 90 evolution, an avant-garde than other machines on the market.

In addition Tecno Edil Sistem S.p.A., uses the collaboration of national and international partners to give customers a high quality and efficient response.