Pointing and grouting gun


The FUGATRICE is an accessory that can be used with all screwer drills which have the posibility to change the sense of rotation and the numbers of turns. With this methods is posible to use mortar with a granulometry up to 2 mm to fill little spaces which it should be complicated to manage. The mortar got it can be used on bricks, porphyries, plasters,stones and cobblestones of differents dimensions having a width from 6 mm upward. Additionally it is possible to add a nozzle, so it will be easy to fill very little holes too. The chance to regulate the turns and the velocity of the screwer drill allows, so, to use the FUGATRICE in very different situations where, for example, it need an accurate filling or an ordinary work when it necessary to fill spaces beetween bricks or stones. Futhermore the nozzle is made with plastic material and it can be changed several times. In the end our FUGATRICE is an ideal and definitely solution to inject and fill in an easly and cheap way.