Tecno Edil Sistem presents a wide range of machinery for the construcition sector.This company is learned in manufacture plaster spraying and concrete mixing machines.

All the production is made in its works and this factor has allowed to Tecno Edil Sistem to find always the best solution for its customer’s needs ( energy power, color, design, etc.)

In its range of machines the customer can find from sprying plaster machines to kneading machine or machines for the cellular cement

During 24 years of activity trough a constant innovation program and the support of experienced staff, Tecno Edil Sistem has always beenable to offer efficent machines, fabricated from superior quality material, durable in quality.

All sprying machines of Tecno Edil Sistem are designed and developed acording to potency and saving criterions


Machines for screeds:



Machines for cellular/aerated concrete:


Machines for premixed plasters:


Machines for traditional plasters:


Pneumatic system for silos:


Orizontal continuous mixers:



Machines for leveling and adhesives:


Mixers, blenders:



Pointing and grouting machines:





Handy plaster smoothing machine: