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Tecno Edil Sistem presents a wide range of machinery for the construcition sector.This company is learned in manufacture plaster spraying and concrete mixing machines. All the production is made in its works and this factor has allowed to Tecno Edil Sistem to find always the best solution for its customer’s needs ( energy power, color, design, etc.)





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A really extent range of screw and screw covers which offers the pumping of several kind of materials and it is efficient to the demands of the construction. The products can be distinguished by colours and are indicated by clear advices which offer the client the possibility to choose those better for their use.




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Tools and accessories for the construction

Particular tools (items, auxiliary methods and others) are specially made to offer the clients the satisfaction of groundbreaking demands, efficiency and adapted to the nowadays life. Our tools are provided by a guaranteed quality, long term use and efficiency.






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Is active the “Tecno Edil Sistem S.p.A.” channel on YouTube. The channel, constantly updated, showing videos of our news, insights, and special on the world of building.







Our company, to meet all requirements, has always given the option to its customers , both to rent the machines for plastering machines screeds .

To rent you need to sign the relevant contract.






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aereoiconblu60X60Naples Capodichino then follow the indications below.

autoiconblu60X60From Naples: Head towards A03 NAPOLI-SALERNO-REGGIO CALABRIA (Sud Direction); Continue along Salerno-Avellino; Take the exit towards Fisciano then turn right.